Our Story


In the heart of a bustling city, NED's life revolved around planes, meetings, and endless business trips. Each return home was marked not just by the familiar embrace of his wife, Vivian, but by the heartfelt gifts meticulously prepared by his daughters, Ivy and Elaine.

Every time NED opened the door, he was greeted by the warmth of his family and the anticipation in his daughters' eyes. Ivy, with her boundless energy, and Elaine, with her graceful charm, would present him with drawings that held more than just crayon strokes on paper—they were visual narratives of the moments they longed to share with their father.

These drawings were a treasure trove of emotions, each stroke capturing the essence of family togetherness, laughter, and love. Ivy's sketches depicted energetic family picnics, while Elaine's portrayed graceful moments of dancing and shared joy. These artistic expressions became NED's most cherished possessions, more valuable than any souvenir collected during his travels.

Touched by the depth of emotion conveyed through these heartfelt creations, NED began to realize that family was the true anchor in his life. Each drawing was a testament to the moments he missed and the love that awaited him at home. As he looked at these artistic gifts, a realization dawned on him—the power of thoughtful gifts in expressing love and building connections.

Driven by this realization, NED felt an overwhelming desire to give back to his family and to families everywhere. He wanted to create a brand that celebrated the beauty of these simple yet profound moments—the brand that would later become NEDVIE.

Excitedly, NED shared his vision with Vivian, who embraced the idea with enthusiasm. Vivian insisted that the brand should not only be about products but also be meaningful and personal. She saw an opportunity to create moments of joy through personalized, print-on-demand items that allowed families to express their love and connections in unique ways.

And so, NEDVIE was born, a brand that bore the imprint of love, family, and the significance of thoughtful gifts. From custom mugs adorned with personal messages to personalized blankets featuring heartfelt quotes and cartoon-style family figures, NEDVIE became a testament to the importance of cherishing the bonds that mattered most.

NEDVIE wasn't just a brand born out of business acumen; it was a heartfelt endeavor to capture the essence of family love, as expressed through the innocent drawings of Ivy and Elaine. It became a beacon of joy and connection, echoing the belief that the most meaningful gifts are those that strengthen the ties that bind us together.

Truthfully yours,

The Ned's


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